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Flamboyant Bella - 1Browsing around Myspace one day I came across a name that just sounded amusing. Flamboyant Bella. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, not only because there are no quality standards on myspace, but also because amusing names are regularly used to hide musical talent.

I was mightily surprised, and excited, to hear “My Skies” coming out of the computer. I listened to more, I danced around the room a bit, and then I decided that Flamboyant Bella just had to be on the first MusicRiot Presents podcast. So listen to them there, and read here what they have to say for themselves.

Who are you?
I’m Flo. I’m the female, joint-lead vocalist along with James and I also play guitar.
I’m Doreen, Dozza, Doz, elliot, wateva u prefer… im the drummer. yayy.
James- I sing, play the keys and do a bit of guitar.
I am mitch, i play the bass geetar. Doreens brother, baby of the band.

Story behind the band name…
We were completely stuck for a name so James and Doreen looked through some old newspaper clippings from the 20th century and looked for interesting headlines. It was a throw up between “Flamboyant Bella”, “Flash Fire Kills” or “Greeks and Turks”. I think we picked the better one.

How did you get together… James and Doreen were already in a band, a lot of people who were in it were a bit crappy so we employed Mitch, Doreen’s brother, and found Flo in a hairdressers. She told us she could sing a bit so we took her word for it. She was a fuck-lot better than the previous singer who had a lisp. Not that we have issues with speech impediments, Doreen has one.

How long…. We’ve been together and gigging for a year, august 2006 was our first gig.

Influences…. We are influenced by anything really, less so by music, than by stuff. Alchohol and sex mostly…

Label…. We’ve had a lot of label interest but aren’t really looking to get signed yet, if ever. We have another year of school/college and want to get the grades first, also we don’t really want muso fascists to take all our dollar.

Coming up…. We’ve got a mini-tour coming up so we’re trying to reherse our arses off, also James turned 18 on the 6th october so he is not going to be in a fit state to gig for a while.

Tell us about two songs…
Absolutely Wankered- written about our lives, getting drunk in parks and passing out. Common friday night since we were 14. It’ll probably give Gordn sodding Brown some fuel to fight against binge drinking but he can suck my cock.

Love Has Got Me Stoned – A love song, all soppiness removed by a lot of reference to drugs.

Check out them at their MySpace pages.

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