Jake Morley, The Good Ship, 21st March 2008

4 stars (out of 5)


Jake MorleyThe Good Ship, Kilburn, has a very curious set-up for a live venue. The band/musician isn’t centre-stage, but down a pit.

So you have two options to watch the performer, either get down in the pit with them – where there is enough space for a dozen or so people – or you stand around the edges of the pit. The rest of the space is much more a standard bar set-up.

So the attention isn’t always on the acts, as there is such a little space to see them that the audience tends to drift into the bar area.

This was generally true for most of this night, a charity night of 7 acts. That was until Jake Morley took to the stage.

Jake has garnered a buzz on the net with YouTube videos demonstrating not only his good voice and musical skills, but also the peculiar way that he uses the guitar to get as many sounds out of it as possible, slapping it around, plucking the strings, mesmerizing the audience.

The audience surged forward to see Jake, filling the pit, and going three deep around the edges. They were rewarded with a great performance, despite lousy sound quality that had affected most of the bands performing that night.

Here is one of Jake’s vids, and find out where he is playing at his MySpace page. This guy has a unique talent, and is able to demonstrate he is more than just his peculiar playing style – one to keep an eye on.


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