Cassette Electrik – Notting Hill Arts Club – Tuesday May 8, 2007

4 stars (out of 5)


Cassette is proud to be sponsoring Cassette Electrik’s gig at the Marquee club on 1st November 2007. The below is a review of a gig from earlier 2007, when the band were called Cassette, look out for more information about the band coming soon.

It’s important nowadays for any band to have the whole package – a complete style, to go with their music. Cassette have this all wrapped-up – even including the connotations associated with their name. Add to this, their influences from electro bands including Kraftwerk and you can expect a good electronic band.

Cassette don’t disappoint. In the intimate venue of the Notting Hill Arts Club the band kick off with the synth pop of “Friend or Foe” and the four-piece struggle to immediately grab the attention with their music (due not to the band but the sound setup) but capture with the interesting background visuals that take you right back to the 1980s home computing craze.

The monthly Being Boiled night here in West London is dedicated to showcasing upcoming electronic bands and DJs. And Cassette, after being together for about a year, are being touted as a future star in this market – though their potential appeal is much greater. London’s Evening Standard has already hit on the band saying”If you like Goldfrapp, you’ll love Cassette”.

Over the next few songs, “The Smartest Bomb”, “Lightfade”, “Chemical Thing” and “8 bit” the band capture the attention of the room, and by “Take” the crowd are totally into the band and the music. A rare feat.

Singer Lucy Bugiel has a strong stage presence that survives despite once or twice being cut off by the band as she introduced a song. They end the night with their new song “Voyager”. For me this was the only time that I felt the band stumbled because of themselves, it was the only song that lost my attention due to its length. By the end of the song they had recovered with the sheer force of the beats, but it’s an area they need to work on.

Cassette show signs of having all the right stuff to become a force in electro-pop or even wider.

Check them out at their myspace pages.

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