Cassette Electrik – Blow-up Metro – Tuesday March 11th, 2008

4 stars (out of 5)


Cassette Electrik - Oli and LucyThe chances are you weren’t at this gig – I can be quite be certain about that as the place was really quite empty. Which is a pity as you missed a good night.

What would probably be quite a good venue when packed, was echoing with about 30 people in attendance to see three bands play. Of those three bands it would seem that they had either done none or very little publicity, or in Cassette Electrik’s case been asked at the last minute to perform.

Cassette Electrik who we were there to see didn’t let the lack of an audience affect them much, though it was obvious on occasion that singer Lucy Bugiel needed a bit more of a crowd to bring out her best performance.

Tonight was a chance for the band (Bugiel and Oli Freke form the backbone) to try out a couple of new songs, due to be released on their next EP in a month or two.

They kicked off with “K7”, one of the new tracks, before returning to tried and tested “8-Bit”, “The Smartest Bomb” and “28 Days” which I don’t think I had heard before and was one of the highlights for me of the gig. “Leaving” was the impressive second new song, which then led into their crowd-pleaser “Voyager”.

A good, fun gig, pity so many people missed out. So don’t miss their next gig – 27th March at the Cavendish Arms in London.

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