“This Day is Mine” – Rise to Remain

5 stars (out of 5)


British metal; it’s a lesson in survival.  After the nuclear holocaust, we’ll still have British metal bands and their legions of devoted fans.  Listening to “This Day is Mine”, the single taken from Rise to Remain’s debut album “City of Vultures”, you can understand why.

The song opens with a 4-bar mid-tempo guitar intro before a thunderous volley of floor toms and bass drum batters the way into the body of the song.  It’s all powered along by a monster of a guitar riff and packs everything you expect from a great metal record into three and a half minutes.

The band have the classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal line-up of bass, drums, two guitars and singer and they’re descended from that movement in one other way; the singer is Austin Dickinson, son of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson.  It’s all there; the playing is tight, technically brilliant and very aggressive with the two guitars combining effectively in various ways including the harmony playing that Thin Lizzy fans will remember, the rhythm section is a metronomic powerhouse and Austin Dickinson has a great rock voice.

“This Day is Mine” crams in almost every metal trick you can imagine including some great shredding, breakdowns, great vocal harmonies and a big crash ending.  The band is already being tipped as the next big thing in the metal magazines and, on the evidence of this single, it’s easy to see why.  They’re currently on tour in support of their debut album “City of Vultures” (released on September 5).  If you’re at all interested in British rock, they’re well worth seeing.  Find out more at:

www.risetoremain.com .

Whether you love metal or loathe it, you certainly can’t ignore it.  Out on September 19.

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