Salute Music Makers project


Salute_Logo_Black copyThis might be the perfect antidote to the swamp of Saturday evening TV talent shows. Just launched at Omeara in London Bridge today, Salute Music Makers is an initiative created by entrepreneurs Lars Bylehn, Michael Bylehn, Minesh Patel, Patrick Butterfield and Jean-Claude Charnier, with media partner Unilad and fronted by Feargal Sharkey.

Here’s the way it’s going to work. From April 3rd, five thousand ‘Music Makers’ will upload their music via a phone app, and the Salute team, along with industry curators will whittle the five thousand down to a hundred. As this is happening, all of the music will be shared via the app to create an online new music community. The hundred acts will then be the subject of a live public vote to narrow down the field to six acts, each receiving a £10,000 prize. The final six will take part in a TV show with a different theme each week and the task of writing an original song for every show.

At the end of this, the winner will take away £40,000, raising their total prize to £50,000. I don’t know about you, but I think this might actually be a talent show worth watching (and listening) to.

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