Jake Morley – Album Launch Gig – Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London

5 stars (out of 5)


jakegigThere was a tingle in the air at Bush Hall, a sense of expectation – and those expectations and hopes were fulfilled.

Jake Morley is a singer-songwriter who gained a strong following from his early YouTube recordings showing him playing the guitar in a very peculiar and jaw-dropping style. As he sings the upbeat love/hate-song to London, entitled “This City”, his hands flash around his guitar, plucking at strings, banging it on top, on the side, whacking and plucking a whole band out of the one instrument.

This was a very popular video, but there is always a danger that the musician can be trapped by the popularity of this one thing, to become an online only flash-in-the-pan.

This night, in a gig that launched his first album “Many Fish to Fry”, Morley proved that he has the potential to be much more than a one-hit-youtube wonder. Looking 100% at ease with where he was, and what he was doing – playing to a packed Bush Hall – Jake and his talented band proceeded to grab the already eager audience into the palm of his hand and lead them through his collection of songs that were at times heartfelt, funny, revealing and emotional – and ultimately uplifting.

This is a man to follow, but not just on social media sites, but in real life whenever he plays a gig.

This is music to cherish, an album that is personal, but speaks to you on many levels.

This is Jake Morley.


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