High Fives 2022 17) Dean Owens’ Highlights


Dean @Green Note May 2022

The timing of this piece could not have been better. Dean Owens has had a great year, which has just been crowned by the announcement earlier today that he has won not one, but two, Americana UK awards. ‘Sinner’s Shrine’ has been voted UK Americana album of the year and Dean has been voted UK Americana Act of the Year. Both awards are well-deserved and couldn’t have gone to a nicer guy. So, over to Dean.

In no particular order:

The new Calexico album – ‘El Mirador’

There’s some cracking stuff on this record. Their first since Joey Burns moved away from Tucson. It very much sounds like a love letter to that city and the Sonoran Desert.

An Ian Rankin mention

Finding out that Ian Rankin had written me into the new Rebus book – ‘A Heart Full of Headstones’. Rebus is listening to my new album ‘Sinner’s Shrine’ in his car. Very cool indeed.

Kirsten Adamson album

Kirsten Adamson @Cashback 2020

Hearing the mixes of the new Kirsten Adamson album ‘Landing Place’, which comes out in February. I had the privilege of producing this lovely album and hearing one of our co-writes, the beautiful ‘Father’s Songs’, was a special moment.

‘Sinner’s Shrine’

I have to be a bit selfish here and say that finally seeing the release of ‘Sinner’s Shrine’ in 2022 was a big deal for me. This album means so much to me. To be able to make this record with one of my favourite bands, Calexico, in Tucson, was one of the thrills of my life.

Playing Edinburgh Castle

This was a truly amazing moment for me. Edinburgh Castle is one of the biggest shows you can play in Scotland. An amazing backdrop for a gig. I was invited to open for Texas. A night to remember.

Happy New Year everyone.

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