High Fives 2021 No.2 – The Great Outdoors photos


It’s time to introduce a visual element to this year’s High Fives. We like to have interesting photos as part of this feature and Allan’s managed to make the most of the times when live music was on offer this year. As we emerged from serial lockdowns, al fresco music was the first to break out and Allan was there to capture it.

I was desperate to photograph live performers as we eased our way out of the lockdowns this year and Talentbanq gave me that opportunity with a series of outdoor gigs at Eccleston Yards in Victoria. Four of these shots are from that venue and the fifth is from a festival in Parsloes Park in Dagenham. Here are the shots, with a bit of background information.

Erin Bowman @Eccleston Yards

Erin’s an American singer-songwriter who has a great knowledge of the classic American rock catalogue. She ended her set at Eccleston Yards in June with her version of the Bob Seger Classic “Against the Wind”, which happens to be one of my favourite songs. Here she is, giving it absolutely everything.

Brooke Lawrence @Eccleston Yards Brooke is one of my 2021 discoveries. This was the first time I saw her perform. She did this as a solo acoustic gig and I saw her a few weeks later with a full band doing the whole rock star thing. She’s going all the way.

Sadie Horler @ Eccleston Yards I first photographed Sadie 5 years ago when she supported Sound of the Sirens at Bush Hall. She has a fabulous smile but she also has a rock star look with the hair and the shades. That was what I was trying to capture here; I think I just about got away with it.

Logan J Parker @Eccleston Yards

Gig photographers always want to get the big shot. On this day, I had a plain white backdrop to work with (which was good) but everything was looking a bit monochrome. Georgia Crandon was still blonde at the time and was wearing a black top. Joe Slater wore a white t-shirt. They both looked great but there was no colour. Maybe Logan J Parker would be different. Logan turned up and she was wearing a white dress. My disappointment at that evaporated when she opened her guitar case to reveal a cherry-red Gretsch guitar. I emphasised the colour contrast by dialling down all the colours apart from red and managed to grab a shot where Logan was using the tremolo bar. One of my favourite shots of 2021.

Amy from Nova Twins @Becontree 100

This gig was just a bus ride away from my home and I really wanted to see Nova Twins again. I’d photographed them five years before in Dalston and I’d followed their career since that time. They’re smashing it. I could have picked any one of a dozen shots of Amy or Georgia from this set but this one captured something a bit special.

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