High Fives 2017 – Oh Susanna


Back in May 2017, Allan reviewed “A Girl in Teen City” by Oh Susanna (or Suzie Ungerleider); he loved it. We’re really pleased that Suzie has decided to contribute to our High Fives this year, and that she’s got into the spirit of the feature by naming her five favourite post-gig eateries from Atlanta, Georgia to Vancouver, BC. We’re much too coy to say whether the album will feature in Allan’s albums of the year.


I love food but gorging before a gig can be awful for singing. You feel like the thing you ate is blocking your throat and smothering all your notes.  So before the show it’s best to keep it light and eat a salad or almonds. So after the show it’s like a reward to go eat yourself silly in the middle of the night. Here are my top five post show delights. 


BBQ Ribs at Fat Matt’s Rib Shack – Atlanta, Georgia



Smoked Meat Sandwich (note: always order “fat” – never lean) from Schwartz’ – Montreal, Quebec



Bubba’s Poutine –  Downtown Kingston, Ontario




Lobster with Ginger and Green onion at New Sky Chinese Restaurant – Toronto, Ontario





Fresh Warm Glazed donut from Lee’s Donuts – Granville Island Market in Vancouver, BC (after staying up all night and getting there at 7:30 am when they open) …best consumed with coffee from JJ Bean.


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