High Fives 2017 – Bob Bradshaw


I reviewed the latest Bob Bradshaw album “American Echoes” fairly recently and I loved the contrast between the raw rock power and the subtlety and delicacy. It was the album of a musician who had learned his craft the difficult way and then gone on to study the subject from an academic viewpoint. It was a background that led him create a very fine piece of work. When we put the call out for 2017 High Fives, Bob was the first to respond with these great recommendations. 

‘”Shotgun’” by Spoon from “Hot Thoughts”

– as pure a shot of smart pop/rock as I’ve heard in a long time. 





“Eastern Light” by Tift Merritt from “Stitch Of The World”

– it’s scary how vulnerable Tift Merritt allows herself to sound on “Eastern Light”, a masterclass in expressive singing.


“The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness” by The National from “Sleep Well Beast”

– best song on the new album: great singing and arrangement, and a bone-fide guitar solo to boot.





Holding On” by The War On Drugs from “A Deeper Understanding”

– I’m sometimes on the fence about Adam Granduciel’s singing and lyrics but the orchestral sweep of Holding On keeps me coming back for another listen.




“Sorry Is Gone” by Jessica Lea Mayfield from “Sorry Is Gone”

– best unexpected ear-worm of the year, this one snuck up on me and then wouldn’t let go…. I’m sorry but sorry is gone.


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