06) High Fives 2019 – J.P. Soars’ Favourite Albums


We reviewed the latest J.P. Soars “Southbound I-95” earlier this year and Allan loved it. J.P. is a guitarist and writer with talent and creativity to burn and “Southbound I-95” absolutely fizzed with invention and exuberance. We were totally chuffed when J.P. agreed to make a contribution to 2019’s High Fives. If you wanted to know what his five favourite albums are, you’re in luck:



Here’s my list of five fav albums:


Muddy Waters – “The Real Folk Blues”

I stumbled on this record when I was 20 years old and it blew my mind.





Metallica – “Master of Puppets”

Discovered this one when I was 16 and it blew my mind as well.




Django Reinhardt – “20th Century Collection”

Found this one while on tour in the north-east back in 2003. It’s got most of his greatest work. Life changing!




T-Bone Walker – “Imperial Recordings”

The quintessential T-Bone. Simply great stuff.




Miles Davis – “Kind of Blue”

My go to record when I’m feeling low down, stressed out and wanna really relax and free my mind. 


All these records have had a huge impact on me and still do. Love ‘em all.

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