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Lucky JimHe’s on the latest MusicRiot Presents podcast, so we thought we’d find out a little more about Lucky Jim!

So, who are you?
My name is Gordon Grahame and I make records as Lucky Jim as well as under my own name.

What’s the story behind the name?
Lucky Jim was actually originally a combination of my self as writer and singer and Ben Townsend as Producer.

I am originally from Edinburgh, but met Ben in Brighton and made our first album “Our Troubles End Tonight” and soon signed to Dance Label Skint Records – not one of my better ideas.

I’ve made three albums under the Lucky Jim name. I’ve had some success in Germany and got a break by having the song “You’re Lovely To Me” on an advert for bread last year.

Lucky Jim was something I used as an expression rather than something I took from the Kingsly Amis novel. I just wanted something memorable

What/Who are your influences for your music?
My influences are pretty huge. I’m always getting compared to Dylan but I like all of the 60’s – 70’s songwriters eg Cohen, Young, Buckley, Hardin Van Zandt, Mitchell( Joni) etc

After that I’m all over the place – AC DC, the Velvets, Frank Sinatra…

You’ve got some great tracks – and i see you are signed – what’s the plan for global musical domination?
I’ll just do what I always have done. My latest record is a departure from the roots sound – it’s more slick and has more of a Jazz Soul feel.

I’ve been gigging for a long time. It’s depressing actually – I just applied for a busking license cause I’m so
skint (no pun).

So as far as world domination is concerned…

Can you choose your two favourite Lucky Jim tracks and tell us about them
Off the top of my head I’d say my current favourite tracks are “Don Quixote” which is about the end of a relationship from the point of view of a hopeless romantic and “Let It Come Down” which is about looking for the One and believing they could be anywhere in the entire world.

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