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GlasvegasWe managed to grab a few minutes with Glasvegas, featured on MusicRiot Presents episode 3, and here is what they had to say for themselves.


So tell us a little bit about yourselves.
I’m james, the singer and the guy who listens to christmas albums any time of the year. Rab is the guitarist and the best at ten pin bowling in the world. Paul is the bass player who will one day win a small fortune on a t.v. general knowledge programme. Caroline is the drummer and she likes looking at things.

What’s the story behind the name?
We think it sounds pretty, sugary and proud. we like that.

How did you start as Glasvegas and when?
A few years ago. We all knew each other as friends and shared a love of sun records-tamla motown etc then through time decided to knock a couple of tunes together and here we are.

What/Who are your influences for your music?
There’s lots and lots of great things are out there. they make me feel alive and inspired to do something special. There’s also lots and lots of souless crap that makes me not want come out from under the duvet. The music I’ve been listening to most recently has been a lot of female artists such as Debbie Reynolds, Skeeter Davis, Angela McCluskey and Nellie McKay, who are all really great.

You’ve got some great tracks – how come you haven’t been signed yet?
Firstly, thanks. secondly, all in good time.

How long have you been gigging?
Me and my cousin (rab, guitarist) played our first gig in his living room for our mums about a week after we first picked up a guitar nine years ago. We both knew one chord. These days its different. We now know five chords!

Can you choose your two favourite Glasvegas tracks and tell us about them.
Well I’d be as well plugging our single wouldnt i now?

  • Daddys Gone – mainly about wanting to make things right, now, and not getting to an age where I regret and feel guilty about everything. For I feel through my own observations these emotions are quite under rated and can destroy people easily.
  • Flowers & Football Tops- a song of unnecessary fate and heartbreak.

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