Cling Interview


Cling It was a while ago now that we came across Cling’s music. And so we are really happy to be presenting a couple of their tracks to you via episode 2 of the MusicRiot Presents podcast.

We also got a chance to find out a bit more about Cling.


Who are you?
Cling are Susi Lavender (Lyrics/Vocals) and Gerald Patient (Programming/ Production).

Where did the name come from?
The name came about because we are virtually inseparable and always clinging to each other.

How did you get together?
We have known each other a long time, we originally met when Susi was looking for a vocal coach, we discovered we had similar tastes in music and stared collaborating on songs together. Cling was formed in 2003, a product of our love.

Who are your musical influences?
We have many different influences, Massive Attack, Mix Master Morris and Boards of Canada to name a few.

Have you had any record company interest?
We run Cling as our own business and do all our own promotions etc, recently signing a distribution deal with Kudos records. For us to sign with a label, they would have to offer us something that we are not already doing for ourselves.

How long have you been gigging?
We started gigging this year and will be appearing at the Cafe de Paris on 16/11/07.

What are your two favourite Cling tracks?
Our 2 fave tracks are Yours, cos it is sexy and Abandoned because we saw a rainbow as we were writing it.

Get more of Cling at their MySpace site.

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