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Charlie SlothCharlie Sloth is featured on episode 3 of the MusicRiot Presents podcast, we wanted to find out more about him.


So who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Charlie-Sloth, I am a musician from Camden Town-London. I have been making Hip-Hop for nearly 9 years, I’ve worked with some of the finest artists the World of Hip-Hop has produced.

I produce all my own material and make all my own videos, from writing the treatments to directing the video right down to the edit I’m really self -sufficient. Everybody tells me I’m the best rapper in the UK. World hip-hop publication ‘The Source’ recently said I’m “One of UK’s finest”.

I also recently won an Award @ the Cravefest Awards in Canada – I won Most Original Video for my “Guided tour of Camden” video. I make GOOD honest music – every track i make carries a
piece of my soul!!

What’s the story behind the name?
Sloth has been my nickname since i was like 13, it was one of those names that stuck. I just could not lose it – at first i hated it..(I won’t say how i got the name hahah) but then i embraced it and become Sloth – don’t get it twisted I’m NOT LAZY! I just like to sit down a lot.

How did you start as Charlie Sloth and when?
Well I started rapping on Pirate Radio Stations in London in 1999. That was my first major foot in the door, back then everybody would slag me off and say how awful I was but the guy who owned the Radio station had faith in me and would always back me – even though I was pretty wack – but I think he saw my passion – “Thanks Bossman”

Oh and all you dudes who used to say I’m wack please stop myspace messaging me… I don’t wanna collab! hahahah

What/Who are your influences for your music?
I have too many musically to create a shortlist. I’m a fan of good music, regardless of genre. Obviously my main forte is Hip-Hop but so many artist’s music has been a big influence on my sound.

You’ve got some great tracks – how come you haven’t been signed yet?
Thank you – I often ask myself the same question..i have had loads of offers but none have been suitable-I have several deals on the table at the moment-I guess I’m just waiting for the the right deal to come along-I’m not afraid of going the independent route!!!

I think I’ve had a MASSIVE independent year….I’ve done a track with all the UKRAP Legends which got played all over the country…I Won an AWARD in canada (The first uk rapper to do this)…..Then I got bigged up by the worlds biggest Hip-Hop publication ‘The Source’ (Also the first UK artist to be blogged by them) . I’ve done tracks with the likes of hip-hop legend ‘Craig G’ and I’m getting more radio play then MOST signed UK urban acts and I haven’t even released my CD yet…….. Why ain’t i signed???

How long have you been gigging?
Ive been gigging for 8 years…

Can you choose your two favourite Charlie Sloth tracks and tell us about them.
Wow..this is a hard one… I’ve got over 200 hundred tracks so picking two is like taking me to the pic ‘n’ mix factory and saying I’m only allowed two sweets!!!

Track one-COME ON BACK TO ME-This is a metaphorical track,you really need to listen to this one right to end to grasp it…. you can watch the video for this on my myspace page-I hope it makes you think.

Track two-SLOW DOWN-

This track tells you the story of a inner city youth who strives to be known as the “bad man” in his area – it’s a story of the vicious circle of violence and drugs – a circle which traps so many of todays youth.

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