We’re all going to die – so buy this record!


Malcolm Middleton as SantaChristmas number 1’s don’t always have to be 100% marketing-driven X-factor winners, despite what you may have thought from the past few years. And ex-Arab Strap man Malcolm Middleton is doing his best to prove this, with his bid for the Xmas number 1, “We’re all going to die”.

If you want to help get this to number 1 then you have today and tomorrow to buy the single, from iTunes, etc. or as an old-fashioned limited edition 7-inch. Go to Malcolm’s Myspace for more links. And you can find out a bit more of why Malcolm is doing this when we got the chance to pose him a few questions.

What was the initial impetus behind the song?

“I wanted to destroy Xmas. Or rather X-factor-mas. Life and culture in Britain today has become really, really rubbish. We are all going to die, people should be aware of this. It’ll help them live in the Now more.”

Why and when did you decide to go for the xmas number 1?

“It started as a joke, then people started to take it seriously, now I am taking it seriously. No one really cares though, people have the option to change things this year but apathy is still stopping them from buying it. Mums, Grans and kids are sleepwalking into the supermarkets to buy Leon, and the people who care about music are being vastly outnumbered.”

Do you have a favourite xmas song?

“The Shakin’ Stevens one.”

Do you really think you have a chance getting to number 1? Or the top ten?

“No, No.”

Considering the content, what was it like recording this song with a kids choir?

“It was great, we all had a laugh. Kids are probably more aware than adults about these sorts of things. It’s only when we get older that we start to cling to our material possessions and false values. They sang with glee. Funny how no one seems to bat an eye when kids sing hymns and carols full of myth and lies, but ask them to sing straight fact and then all the fingers wag.”

Buy the single, make Malcolm merry… or something near to that.

Here is the official video for the song.

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