Kate NashAnother pop star churned out by the Brit School, Kate Nash has made her name talking about how rubbish her love life is over simple melodies, and “Merry Happy” is no different. Nash uses a few simple piano keys, mixed with a whole lot of “do do doo” to come up with this, a massive step down from her smash hit “Foundations”.

“Merry Happy” is the third single released from her debut album “Made of Bricks”, following “Foundations” and “Pumpkin Soup”, but doesn’t have quite the same catchy, storytelling style. It’s more like a series of ramblings over a frankly annoying piano melody.

Nash has made her name through her distinct accent and quirky singing style, which has worked well for her so far, but unfortunately I don’t think this can carry the disappointing “Merry Happy” to chart success.