Perfectly timed for the post Christmas over indulgence crowd, shamelessly riding the success wave of the feature film.

Nostalgia and guilt clash in a horror show of kitsch catchy pop and lycra, screaming in glorious Technicolor that getting thin can be fun with the right music and a few sessions of prancing about to catchy tunes of Abba as played by Bjorn Again.

No doubt those who would own this will soon get bored of all that jumping around lark- and who could blame them, such a saccharine overload is enough to send people into a diabetic coma.  It is more likely they will switch to the watching Mamma Mia with a glass (or two) of wine whilst singing along.

Karaoke with dance moves.  No one should like Abba this much…..

If you want to lose weight to 70’s hits- buy an iPod and join a gym… at least you can vary what you listen to.