The Temper Trap: Conditions?

4 stars (out of 5)


The Melbourne-born foursome prove through their forceful ten track album, they lack nothing in ambition. “Conditions”, including the acclaimed singles “Science of Fear” and the song which stuck in festival-goers heads this summer, “Sweet Disposition”, most definitely does the indie-pop musicians justice. Producer Jim Abbiss, who has worked with the likes of award-winning Arctic   Monkeys and Adele, is sure to be proud.

With glowing reviews from bloggers worldwide, as well as having BBC’s Zane Lowe as a fan, The Temper Trap are well on their way to UK domination. Energetic Dougie, Lorenzo, Toby and Jonathan have undoubtedly plucked a few heart strings with harmoniously strong tracks such as “Love Lost” and “Fools”. Contrasting the emotionally-driven songs on the album are musically intense “Fader” and catchy “Rest”, which are guaranteed to leave you singing at the top of your voice.

With The Temper Trap’s popularity swiftly rising, an amazing turn-out and atmosphere at this year’s festival season, not forgetting a UK tour which commenced this September, the ‘Ozzy lads’ appear to have a lot on their plates. Maybe take a leaf out of your own book boys – “Soldier On”! A must listen.

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