The Proclaimers – “Life With You” CD Review

4 stars (out of 5)


Proclaimers - Life With You album2005’s “Restless Soul” was the last album from The Proclaimers, and I have to admit that it passed me by – along with the majority of the bands output since the days of “500 Miles” and “Letter From America”, more than twenty years ago.

Without much of a view of the lads output since then, apart from one or two tracks I have stumbled upon over the years, I was mildly interested in hearing what sort of music they are producing after all these years.

The album kicks off in good style with title track “Life With You”, an upbeat shout to love and commitment.

“If there’s a god” is nearer to the sort of thing I have heard over the past couple of years from the guys, a questioning of religion, and religious beliefs, cut through with a desperate hope for humanity.

“S-O-R-R-Y” is an example of the direct political material that the Proclaimers appear to be unafraid of tackling, in this case the Iraq war, and more in other tracks.

Life With You is a great, tightly packed album of tunes that stick inside you, and lyrics that make you think. If you want fancy lines about simple issues, then the Proclaimers are not for you. Each song is direct, personal, heartfelt and stunningly powerful because of that. Welcome back to my music collection lads!

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