Meet the Eels: Essential Eels Vol 1, 1996-2006 review

5 stars (out of 5)


Meet the Eels CDI have to admit right from the start that I am an Eels fan, and have even been known to partake of E’s pre-Eels catalogue. So it is quite shocking to see that they have been going for so long, this CD celebrates their first 10 years, and even then it only takes us up to two years ago.

The problem with any Best Of compilations is that the fans already have the majority of the songs on it, but this release adds not only a couple of “Previously Unreleased” tracks, but also some wonderful liner notes.  Mark Edwards from The Sunday Times gives us a potted history of the band, and E himself gives a few notes on each track.

The album clearly demonstrates the artistic growth of Eels as a band, and Mark Everett as a song-writer. From the 1996 introduction to the Eels, the hit “Novocaine for the Soul”, through the heart-rending tracks from the “Electro-Shock Blues” album, to the full rock-out of “Souljacker”, the album is one hell of a collection of great music.

Essential for Eels completists.  Recommended for the casual fan.  Vital for any music fan who has yet to be touched by the Eels.

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