Duffy – Rockferry review

3 stars (out of 5)


Duffy - RockferryThere has been something of a buzz regarding this new soul singer heralding from the valleys of Wales.

Duffy has been tipped to be the hottest new act to emerge in 2008 and judging by the latest singles and album charts, it just might be true.

Debut album ‘Rockferry’ sits proud at the top of the album chart and single ‘Mercy’ has been in the same position for the last four weeks.

The Duffy sound is basically retro soul and a comparison can easily be made to Dusty Springfield and current contemporary Amy Whinehouse.

There is no disputing that the 22 year old has a great voice and she can definitely hold her notes. Her range is put to good use on ‘Rockferry’ and the production of the entire album is very smooth. Radio friendly ‘Mercy’ is a grower and is a great introduction to Duffys qualities.

‘Serious’ never really gets out of second gear but ‘Warwick Avenue’ becomes more enjoyable with each playing. The best of the bunch is ballad ‘Distant Dreamer’ and another number one single beckons.

The year looks good for Duffy but with her sound set so firmly in the past it will be interesting to see how she continues on from here.

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