Big Arm – Radiator

2 stars (out of 5)


Big Arm - RadiatorLet‘s get the inevitable bit out of the way. Big arm are fronted by former Happy Mondays bassist Paul Ryder. Nice artwork. A big ‘rocket’ ice lolly. Takes me back.

I really find it difficult to say anything positive about this album. This is a band who I feel are stuck doing what they know best. The result is sounding very dated.The vocals are drab, the synth is often crude (particularly the “trumpets”) and the songs are forgettable.

The word ’Madchester’ instantly came to mind. The band’s Bio says “Old Skool Mondays fans will not be disappointed and Northern Soul fans will get on the groove in this hybrid fusion of f**ked-up fatness and souled-up chill.” Am I wrong in thinking these are just nonsense buzz words? F**cked-up fatness? Does that mean it’s bass heavy? I’m not sure. The bass lines are nice though; and flow well – There’s something nice! Good production values and easy to listen to.

This band bored me but in a really gentle way.

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