Wade Nelson & Willy Braun @the Borderline 10/11/16: There was something different about this venue; the Texans… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2gH

The Mighty Wah! @the Water Rats 09/11/16: Pete Wylie, full-time legend… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2g6

Gallery – The Eskies @the Borderline 12/10/16:… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2ey

Gallery – John Fairhurst @the Borderline 12/10/16: … wp.me/p1Yhtj-2eh

Gallery – Henrik Freischlader Trio @the Borderline 20/09/16: … wp.me/p1Yhtj-2cV

Al Scorch & Jess McIntosh @the Troubadour 20/09/16: A banjo player with political songs and punk attitudes… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2cv

Gallery – The Carnabys album launch @the 100 Club 18/08/16:… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2bj

Gallery – Estuary Fringe Festival @the Railway 06/08/16 featuring The Phil Burdett Group… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2aU

“Somewhat Damaged” @the Unicorn Camden 30/07/16: Another Saturday, another venue to tick off the list… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2ad

The Rude Boys @the Swan, Stone 28/07/16: 2 Tone, canals, museums and much more … wp.me/p1Yhtj-29w