billi-ray-martin-aussen-48During a rare break from the monotonous grind of putting together a website, I was talking to John Preston (JP to his friends) as we sipped Pina Coladas around the indoor pool at Riot Towers the other day.  It came as quite a surprise to discover that we were both fans of Billie Ray Martin.  John reviewed her recent Opiates album here on Musicriot and I loved Electribe 101 way back in the days when I spent my evenings behind the wheels of steel.  So why not ask her to contribute to our High Fives feature?  I’m pleased to say she was happy to get involved and these are Billie Ray Martin’s Top 5 tracks of 2012.

“Ed-Ged-Osis”(Todd Terje edit) – LindstromLINDSTROM - Ra-ako-st / Eg-ged-osis (Extended Edits) (Front Cover)

Lindstrom (Hans-Peter Lindstrom) is a Norwegian composer and producer who established his Feedelity label in 2002.  This track is from the album “Smalhans” released in November 2012 and is a collaboration with fellow-Norwegian Todd Terje.  The track is built around a long sinuous bass riff and melodies built around synth arpeggios which always seem to be trying to get back to starting point but never quite making it.

“I Came Here” – TorgnyProduct Details

Torgny is Norwegian and very enigmatic. Even the website and Facebook page tell you very little about Torgny; I’m guessing the implication is that we should concentrate on the music, which is fine by me.   “I Came Here” is a fascinating blend of Nordic indie with dance elements creeping in as the song develops whilst retaining a glacial feel from start to finish.  It’s faintly disturbing, particularly when it’s tied in to the images in the video, but it’s absolutely fascinating.

“OFI” – Model 500Product Details

Originally released in 2010, this has been reactivated with a number of mixes this year.  Model 500 is a pseudonym of the Detroit techno pioneer Juan Atkins, making a comeback over 20 years after his early, and incredibly influential, work.  Of the 2012 mixes, the Debukas remix is attracting most of the attention and is certainly the most dancefloor-friendly.  Great return to form from a genuine innovator.

“Prayer” – TerranovaProduct Details

Terranova has been musically active since 1996 and has been involved in collaborations with Cath Coffey, Nicolette Krebitz, Tricky, Ari Up and, not unsurprisingly Billie Ray Martin and has also done a huge amount of remixes.  This track is from the album “Hotel Amour” on Kompakt Records and features Nicolette Krevitz.

“Ride” – Lana del ReyProduct Details

You just can’t get away from Lana del Rey this year.  She’s everywhere and it’s not difficult to see why.  The songs are great and the David Lynch feel of the music and visuals make this a very special package.  This song is from the “Paradise Edition” of one of this year’s classic albums, “Born to Die” and has classic stamped all the way through it.

Many thanks to Billie Ray Martin for this eclectic and beautiful selection of songs; keep an eye out for the next contribution tomorrow.  Who will it be this time?