Bauble 2013 coverIs it really that time of year again?  We all know that December is the Twilight Zone for music; gigs are either nostalgic reunions or tribute bands and recorded music is dad-rock compilations and totally redundant rehashes and remasters and you don’t want to be reading any of that on MusicRiot, do you?  Well, obviously not, so we decided that we would round off the year by giving you something that would be thought-provoking while giving a flavour of what we’ve all been listening to during 2013.  Then we decided to do exactly the same as the newspapers and repeat what we did last year (but, in this case, bigger and better).

The MusicRiot team have compiled their High Fives for 2013 (they might be albums, singles, gigs, books, who knows) and we’ll be publishing them throughout December.  We’ve also asked some of the artists we’ve featured during the year to contribute as well and let’s just say that we’ve had some interesting contributions.  We don’t want to be accused of elitism, so if you want to share a 2013 Top Five of anything even vaguely music-related, get in touch and we’ll publish it.  It’s been an interesting year for all of the Riot Squad and it’s always a privilege to share it with you.