‘High Pine Steeples’ is a love song with a difference. The object of James Combs’ love is California’s redwood groves which and the relationship dates back to the time when he first moved to California. On this song, James is joined by The Well Pennies, Bryan and Sarah Vanderpool, long-time friends from the California scene.

The song portrays the redwood groves as natural places of worship, not just through the lyrical content, but also the way it’s arranged and produced. The arrangement is spare with minimal percussion and lovely harmonies and the production bulks out the sparsity by using a lot of reverb to create a lo-fi and dense texture with instruments and vocals bleeding into each other that evokes both the natural beauty of the trees and the grandeur and claustrophobia of the giant trees; it’s almost a tone poem in triple time. It’s definitely worth investing three minutes of your time on this.

‘High Pine Steeples’ is out now to download and stream.

Here’s the official video for the song: