Seven Billion Like You TitleSo what happens when two industry insiders who combine experience of production, playing and music journalism get together and decide to make their own music? Well, to quote another duo, ‘On any given night, anything can happen’. In this particular case, James (journalist, singer and guitarist) got together with Alan (session player and producer) in West London late last year to form All This Noise and their first single, “Seven Billion like You” is scheduled for release on Monday June 15.

The sound they’ve created together harks back to that to that point in the early eighties when synth bands and guitar bands stopped exchanging haughty looks and snide comments across the dancefloor and decided that there might be some common ground. Also, the vocals on “Seven Billion like You” and the B-side “The Return” are mainly in the baritone range, referencing the likes of Phil Oakey, David Sylvian and even the wonderful Billy MacKenzie.

Both songs build gradually by adding layers of synth percussion, chords and melodies under the vocals before bringing in guitar featuring as a lead instrument rather than just another layer in the mix. It’s interesting that the lyrics for the two songs seem to reflect life in the music business, which is unusual for a new band – this topic normally kicks in around the second or third album, when the original songs about normal life have been used up and the only experiences bands have to write about are what happens at work every day. There’s a world-weariness, which isn’t quite cynicism about the lyrics and the vocal delivery which is offset by the instrumental power of the songs. It’s well put together and it’s very melodic; you might like it.

As a bonus, have a look at the video as well: