The Futureheads, Sub 29, Cardiff

4 stars (out of 5)


The FutureheadsThe Futureheads continued their UK winter tour with a live set in Cardiff’s Sub 29, after dates in London, Birmingham, Gl

asgow, Oxford and Norwich. The four-piece, who hail from Sunderland, have only recently retuned from touring America and Europe, and are continuing to promote new album “This is not the World”.

Before they took to the stage, support acts “Love Bites and Bruises” and “Johnny Foreigner” warmed up the waiting audience. Despite opening in front of a small crowd, “Love Bites and Bruises” proved to be

a hit, and were more worth than the limited numbers they received, sounding like a cross between Bloc Party and the Pigeon Detectives. By the time “Johnny Foreigner” were on, the crowd size had vastly improved and they played admirably to the excited Futureheads fans.

The Futureheads then burst onto the stage after a short break with old favourite ‘Decent days and nights’, and from there on the crowd were not disappointed.

The band then played through tracks from their three studio albums, particularly show casing their new album, which sounded pretty good, and not cialis price a great deal unlike fellow Brit band The Kaiser Chiefs. The boys certainly seemed at ease, joking along with each other and the fans in between songs, including boldly stating they should be playing at the Millennium Stadium rather than the small and intimate Sub 29.

The crowd enjoyed the set throughout, although the energy was a little slow to start, but the gig really got going when ‘The Beginning of the Twist’, one of singles from the new album, was played to full volume. This got the venue buzzing and the crowd went wild when electric cover ‘Hounds of Love’ came on.

After the end of the set, chants of “more” were rewarded with a rocking encore, resulting in the fans leaving happy. The Futureheads are back, and from the evidence of this gig, it’s with a vengeance.

Jen Pyle and Simon Glanville

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