Metric – Fantasies

4 stars (out of 5)


metric-fantasiesMetric are a four-piece indie ro

ck band who hail from Canada. They’ve been together since 1998, and have enjoyed success with such previous hits as ‘Grow up and Blow Away’ and ‘Monster Hospital.’ Their highly anticipated fourth album ‘Fantasies’ was released in Canada and America on 7th April and came to the UK on 14th April.

Having heard the name ‘Metric’ before but never having heard any of their music, I was interested to hear what at the fuss was about and luckily I wasn’t disappointed. This first album track and debut single ‘Help I’m alive’ is great and really shows off the lead singer Emily Haines’ fantastic voice which is really smooth, deep yet melodic.

It’s easy to see why the band have stayed on the scene for over ten years, after hearing Haines’ soulful voice, like the love-child of Charleen Spitari and Gwen Steffani. The song itself has a great back beat, which builds tension, like a drumming heart beat, and has a catchy, repeated chorus. It’s a really powerful and soulful tune. The second track ‘Sick Muse’ is also a pretty good effort, with a nice guitar riff, good lyrics, and more rocky than the first song. Again though, it is Haines’ gorgeous voice which carries the song – Effortless chic though.

Track three ‘Satellite Mind’ is probably my favourite song on the album so far. It has a catchy up-tempo beat, which really gets you tapping your feet. It reminds me a little of the awesome song ‘I want you to want me’ by ‘Letters to Cleo.’ One lyric comically states “I’m not suicidal, I just can’t get out of bed” – And lets be honest everyone loves a bit of teen angst, which this song has by the bagful. The next track ‘Twilight Galaxy’ is quite slow starting, with a boring beat. I did like the lyrics, but I just found myself wanting to skip this song because it felt like it should be speeding up anytime soon which it just didn’t, and just lasted too long. After the last few tracks I just felt a bit disappointed and cheated with this song. I also didn’t really like a couple of the last tracks ‘Front Row’ and ‘Blindness’ which I felt just weren’t as strong as some of the other tracks. I wouldn’t by any means call them bad songs, just not the best, but if you listen to them you might like them so I won’t say too much.

‘Gold Guns and Girls’ is an incredibly catchy, sexy tune, which really makes the most of the instruments, with the cool keyboard and guitar beats. Haines’ vocals are really showed off in this one, with a great range of soulful slow parts and up-tempo chanting of the repetitive chorus. It’s definitely a strong contender for the album’s best track – Pure rock-chick gold. ‘Gimme Sympathy’ is a another gorgeous track, which really gets stuck in your head, with catchy lyrics – ‘Who would you rather be, the Beatles or The Rolling Stones’ – and head banging beats. I loved it so much I think I even changed my mind and decided this was definitely the best track on the album by a

long mile! ‘Collect Call’ is a beautifully soothing track, pretty much the only slow, ballad like one on there. Haines’ angelic voice and a soft, mellow guitar riff are the only tools used until the keyboard kicks in to give it some ‘oomph.’ It’s a little different to the other tracks, but definitely makes a refreshing change.

The final track ‘Stadium Love’ is a pretty decent effort with good lyrics, but I felt that the instruments were a little loud and didn’t really add much to the track, if anything over-powering Haines’ vocals. I did like this song, but I felt Metric could have ended the album on more of a high if they had used one of the much stronger earlier tracks. Overall though I think this is a great album and having never heard any of Metric’s stuff before it definitely made me hungry to hear more. The best thing about this album order viagra online is it’s consistency throughout with only a couple of weaker tracks which are still bearable because of the lead singer’s amazing voice. Mostly though, the majority of the songs are all incredibly catchy, rocky and make you want to listen again, and again. The ultimate album for a Sunday afternoon spent chilling in the sun.

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