Eugene Machine “Scent of Money/Empty Is The Heart” single review

2 stars (out of 5)


Eugene MachineFirst and foremost let me establish here and now I am not a connoisseur of electro/dance music. I don’t mind the odd dance on a Saturday night but it’s not the genre I exactly rush to in my local record shop.

My first impressions on Eugene Machine were not favourable. I let out a literal groan at the single artwork – yes I here you cry ’don’t judge on appearance’ – but still, part of how a band functions is their style and attitude. Hopping on the whole ’day glow colours that clash are cool’ bandwagon, the artwork mixes pink with green to glaring effect.

Once the music starts up, it doesn’t get much better. Of the two tracks showcased, ’Empty Is The Heart’ is far superior – I actually found myself tapping along to catchy “empty is the heart” semi-chorus. But then I suppose anything gets catchy if you repeat it enough in a monotone drill-like manner.

Both tracks bothered me with their vague lyrics – in particular Scent of Money – the frustrating pseudo-rebellion of referring to the evil “they” gives me this horrible sinking feeling that dance/electro fans everywhere will see this as some deep stab at the establishment as they bop around their local clubs.

As I said at the beginning, I am NOT an electro/dance fan in the slightest but even I can tell when a band is being wholly unoriginal within their chosen genre and I just found Eugene Machine to be completely unmemorable on just about every level. The beats are workmanlike and *whisper it* dull. Only once during Empty Is The Heart did the music begin to gain a sense of atmosphere. Other than that it just felt vapid and, appropriately, empty. Sorry guys, it seems Empty Is The Music would have been more fitting I think.

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