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4 stars (out of 5)


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arginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ align=”left” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>I really hadn’t heard much of Elliot Minor when I received their new album, but I began listening armed with a cup of sugary tea and an open mind.

Elliot Minor, formerly The Academy, are a five piece rock band from York who first hit the music scene in 2007. All of the members are classically trained rockers, and say their sound is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. They cite their musical influences

as Jack’s Mannequin, Muse, All American Rejects and Something Corporate.

As I said before I had only really heard the band mentioned by name, so I was looking forward to hearing what all the fuss was about. Luckily, the opening track of their self titled album, ‘Time After Time’, didn’t disappoint. The song gets into the action quickly and it reminded me of Fall out Boy’s relaxed yet electric style. It was very catchy, quite light rock and even from the first track I could see how the Elliot Minor could easily fall into the Busted boy band mould, but have managed to stand out with their melodic vocals and intense lyrics.

‘Parallel Worlds’ was quite poppy, but upbeat and again very catchy. There were some great riffs in this song, and I enjoyed the mix of guitars against the classical sounds of the violin and piano making it sound haunting. Elliot Minor are obviously very talented musicians, and I can see how this song was a hit for the band. I would say this song was enjoyable, but perhaps for a younger audience, and I could see young girls really liking this band.

By the third song ‘The White One is Evil’ I could really see that the band had managed to establish their individual and distinctive sound. This track sounded a bit more like My Chemical Romance, especially in the chorus, and was a little more depressing than the previous tracks, one more for the emo crowd I think.

I think my favourite tracks were probably ‘Time After Time’ and ‘Liar is you’, which I really liked. It was slow, mellow, chilled out, and most of all different. It gave me a chance to appreciate lead man Alex Davies’ smooth voice which is actually really gorgeous. ‘Still figuring out’, which is the only song by Elliot Minor I had heard before, is still my favourite track by far. It’s such a great tune, really upbeat sounding, like rival rockers Simple Plan. I found myself blasting the song out, full volume and attempting to head bang – the perfect pop rock song.

The worst tracks by far were ‘The Broken Mirror’ and ‘Silently’ which unfortunately both felt like a bit of a come down after some of the other fantastic songs. ‘Silently’ sounded a bit like a prayer and would have been at home on The OC soundtrack. I think that maybe the band have tried to provide too much variety for the listener, and should just stick to what they do best. Having said that, they are brave to try something different, so I’m giving credit where credit’s due.

Overall I would say that this is a great debut album, and it really shows off the many talents that Elliot Minor have to offer. The front man’s voice sounds amazing, and these boys have thought about everything they have done with this

album, from the choice of songs to the gothic Beetle Juice style album cover. I rarely like an album when I first hear it, but I found myself nodding along to more than just a few of the tracks, and I highly doubt that this will be the last time Elliot Minor find their way into my CD player.


2 Responses to “Elliot Minor Album review”
  1. Lianne Jones says:

    Great review Jen, you give a really good insight into the band and the album!

  2. lucy says:

    good review 🙂 but silently, the worst song? personally it’s my favourite. it’s deep, passionate mood and mournful strings really reaches out to me. but hey, each to their own 😀

    just to let you know, the song is called the broken MINOR not the broken mirror xD lol! but overall, a good review 🙂 🙂 x

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