High Fives 2015 – Hannah Aldridge


It’s such a good feeling when you hear a new artist breaking through with an original and powerful songwriting style. Hannah Aldridge’s debut album, “Razor Wire” is an astonishingly accomplished piece of work, and her solo UK live performances this year were perfect examples of the one voice/one guitar approach. We were really pleased when she agreed to contribute not one, but two sets of High Fives from a travelling musician’s perspective. We’re really looking forward to seeing you again next year, Hannah.


Top 5 Must See Cities:


VeniceVenice, Italy




BrightonBrighton, England




OsloOslo, Norway




DeauvilleDeauville, France




AshevilleAsheville, North Carolina




Top 5 European Traveling Tips for Musicians:

Pack one week of clothes no matter how long the tour is.

Bring strings and picks overseas. They are triple the price in some countries.

Don’t fly your guitar. It will cost you money and in Europe they have no laws requiring them to valet it.

When you arrive,  go to sleep early and wake up very early the next day. You should then push your wake up time by one hour every morning. This will help will jetlag. Also give yourself two days before starting the tour to adjust.

Wash your hands every couple hours. You will encounter a lot of foreign viruses and bugs that you aren’t used to.


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