Charlatans to give it all away


The CharlatansIn another dramatic development for the music industry “The Charlatans” plan to make their 10th album available for free download.

The album, currently untitled, will be available in its entirety as a free download from radio station XFM’s website early in the New Year. The first release is “You Cross My Path”, which will be available for download on 22nd October.

Creation Records founder and manager of The Charlatans, Alan McGee, said: “We were really excited when XFM got behind us and were as enthusiastic about the download as we are – they are the first people to embrace music for the people. The band will get paid by more people coming to gigs, buying merchandise, publishing and synch fees. I believe it’s the future business model.”


One Response to “Charlatans to give it all away”
  1. colin says:

    yes Mr McGee great idea, as The Charlatans have had a good slice of label money getting them to this level they can give it away free..

    if your a small band with no or a very small profile how does it work then ? Catch 22

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