Brand New: Daisy (Album)

4 stars (out of 5)


Brand New have unleashed their fourth studio album, Daisy. 01.25 minutes into the opening track ‘Vices’, the 1960s style choral recordings come to an end and you will, undoubtedly, jump out of your skin a little. Brand New’s music is becoming more powerful and intense than ever before.

Daisy’s songs stagger as the band’s heaviest to date. With a variety of styles, embarking from the explosive, ‘Nirvana-like’ mastery of ‘Vices’ and ‘Be Gone‘ through to tracks such as ‘Daisy’ and ‘Bed’ which agonise over self-contemplation, to melancholy pieces like ‘You Stole’ and ‘Noro’, which is the final track and brings the album to full circle. Lyrically, the songs here are more dingy, emotional and reflective of band member Jesse Lacey’s life happenings and thoughts.

The atmosphere of this album is eruptive, yet dense. It captures flourishing melody, which leads to Daisy being victorious. However, Brand New’s latest sound and power they roar can be overwhelming at times and almost endorses the poetry in the lyrics that is the band’s original forte. Daisy, nevertheless, manages to be masterpiece of angst-rock.

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