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High Fives 2021 No.20 – Mike Butterworth

We thought we’d said goodbye to 2021’s High Fives but here’s a late contribution from Mike Butterworth with some great shots from gigs he’s managed to get to this year. We may have a final Hogmanay contribution from Allan on the 31st; who knows? Photo courtesy of Johnny Ng Like last year many of my usual festivals were postponed again and many of the independent and small venues were... [Read more]

High Fives 2021 No. 19 – Steve Jenner

Just when we thought this year’s High Fives had run out of steam, this one appears out of the Northern mists from our regular contributor Steve Jenner celebrating ways of not retiring, a subject Allan knows a lot about as well. They were both bitten by the music bug at an early age and the infection seems to be getting worse with each additional year they put on the clock. Here’s Steve’s take... [Read more]

High Fives 2021 No. 18 – Graeme Wheatley’s Christmas presents

Graeme’s been contributing to this feature since 2015 and all of his contributions have been entertaining. We all know that it’s been hard to find positives over the last two tears, so we really appreciate the effort that’s gone into this one to pay homage to Charles Dickens with the presents of Christmas past and a Christmas yet to come. It’s a great memoir from a working musician and songwriter... [Read more]

High Fives 2021 No. 17 – KB Bayley

At the start of this year Allan reviewed KB Bayley’s album “Little Thunderstorms”; he loved it. We’re a bit hesitant to give his ego any additional boosts but KB has been very flattering about the review and he’s put together a really interesting and moving contribution to High Fives 2021. Photo by Rob Blackham 2021 was a strange old year. The complex and confused younger brother of... [Read more]

High Fives 2021 No. 16 – The Spice of Life

We know that Allan likes to try to capture something out of the ordinary occasionally when he’s shooting gigs so we asked him to share five images that move away from traditional gig photography without getting into the abstract realm. We quite like his selection. I do like a bit of variety; with the best will in the world, it can be quite a challenge creating an interesting image from the... [Read more]