“Holding Patterns” – Amanda Rheaume: Well, we’ve got to the last of the 2016 crop and what a way to finish… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2gT

“Choreographic” – Rachael Sage: Colourful chamber pop apparently. It’s certainly very good… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2gO

Wade Nelson & Willy Braun @the Borderline 10/11/16: There was something different about this venue; the Texans… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2gH

Underhill Rose live at Green Note 12/11/16: Well, it was certainly an interesting night out in Camden. … wp.me/p1Yhtj-2gC

Gallery – Underhill Rose @green Note 12/11/16: … wp.me/p1Yhtj-2gy

Rachael Sage teams up with Ditch the Label: today is the first day of Anti-Bullying Week… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2ga

The Mighty Wah! @the Water Rats 09/11/16: Pete Wylie, full-time legend… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2g6

“Blue Highways” – Colin James: This is what happens when you play your favourite blues tunes live in the studio … wp.me/p1Yhtj-2fX

“I Swear I Flew” – Winter Mountain: A lovely blend of rock, folk and roots with superb vocals… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2fS

“Red Mountain Blues” – Chris Murphy: “Red Mountain Blues” is how a great string band sounds… wp.me/p1Yhtj-2fM