Here’s a little bit of a sneak preview for you. Gary Hilton and Steve Southern, or Modern Family Unit to you and me, are a Manchester-based duo with experience of the good and bad sides of the music biz. Like most smart musicians these days, they’ve decided to sidestep the system in favour of keeping control of the creative process. They take their inspiration from the first wave of early 80s synth bands like Tubeway Army and The Human League, combining the dirty, retro synth sounds from those groups with twenty-first century technical knowhow and a bit of cheeky theatricality to produce a sound they describe as ‘Burlesque Groove’.

We’ll be having a listen to their album (to be released on April 27th) for you in a couple of weeks but meanwhile, here’s a quick look at their single “Mmm mmm mm aah” which is released on Monday March 23rd.

Just out of interest, what do you think of the ‘burlesque’ element of the video? Light-hearted and innocent bit of fun, or just one step down from Page 3 in that newspaper we don’t like to mention? Let us know what you think.