Electric Six @ABC Glasgow

4 stars (out of 5)


As Electric Six stepped on stage on Friday night, they received a typically warm Glasgow welcome.

It would have been even warmer, had the audience known what a show they were about to witness. Kicking off with the opening staple “After Hours”, frontman Tyler Spencer (aka: Dick Valentine) had everyone in the palm of his hand. This set the tone for the rest of the night.

“Everything you do here, you do the correct way!” Valentine claimed at one point, to enormous cheers from all. It seemed the same for him onstage: during the guitar solo on “Infected Girls”, he assumed a power stance and didn’t move a muscle until the vocals returned. This delighted the audience.

However, the band’s success in winning over the crowd not only resided in Valentine’s charisma. The songs themselves had people moshing, pogo-ing and chanting, with their hit, “Danger! High Voltage”, bringing the venue to an even higher excitement level. In between songs, the band burst into a short cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” and during the encore almost ended up playing the Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”, a moment of comic genius much appreciated by the Scottish audience.

The songs’ delivery was reminiscent of the Ramones with many of them lasting less than three minutes. They were pumped out fast and plenty and Valentine even seemed to be tallying them as they went. “This seventh song goes out to all the ladies! Sorry guys, but everything we do is pretty much all for the ladies.”

It must be pointed out that Dick Valentine is not the only member of the band worth mentioning. While he may have had enough character to be shared out among everyone onstage, the rest of the sharply-dressed rockers were just as charismatic. Guitarist Christopher Tait (aka: Tait Nucleus?) donned an all-white suit with a tartan tie and carried a cooler-than-thou persona, occasionally offering the hint of a smile from behind his white sunglasses. Drummer Mike Alonso (aka: Percussion World) often found himself in a drum battle, locking eyes with Valentine as the latter pounded the timbales. He even finished a song with a Bonham-esque drum solo, the crowd cheering him along.

Despite the group’s stellar performance however, the night was not even a sell-out. The venue was a small one and it was a surprise to see such a fantastic live act performing to such a small audience. It seems that the band has missed some sort of trick over their fourteen year career: despite having released seven albums Electric Six’s fan base is fairly modest. However, this has obviously not affected the way they treat live shows: these guys could up the atmosphere at any event and frankly if anyone is missing a trick, it’s festival organisers. While Electric Six are not headline act material, they are exactly what headliners want as a warm-up act. They certainly stormed the ABC Glasgow.

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