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Ugly BillyHave you checked out Ugly Billy on the MusicRiot Presents podcast Episode 2 yet? Well go and do that.

We had a chat with Billy to find out if ugliness is skin deep.


So who are you?
My real name is Billy Gibson, I live in East London and I’m 27.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m just a guy whose been hiding in my bedroom too long and I really just wanted to get out… I love music. But really I was sick of hiding away. Plus I really want to get a girlfriend and so I decided to turn the whole thing in to a bit of an experiment on the web and write some songs. It’s funny because I never really saw all this happening.

What’s the story behind the name?
Basically, I got dumped by my girlfriend a while back. I guess it broke my heart and I got ‘stuck in a rut’ as my song goes. I lost a bit of confidence. Anyway I resolved to shun the world because it was cruel place and not really shave or grow my hair. And my mates just started calling me Ugly Billy and it stuck.

How did you start as Ugly Billy and when?
I guess my girlfriend dumped me about a year and half ago… that’s when it really started. But as for the songs and all the website – about 2 months ago, maybe over a few pints in the pub.

What/Who are your influences for your music?
Um, hard really – loads of stuff. The Monkeys – the original band. Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Small Faces, Spinal Tap, Da la Soul , Public Enemy, Ali G… and of course The Muppet Show – I loved that band.

You’ve only got a couple of tracks so far, but they are good, had any record company interest?
It’s not really why I started doing it… I mean I’m open to offers? There is definitely a lot more left in the tank.

How long have you been gigging?
Well I haven’t yet… I wouldn’t know where to start. Again it’s not really why I’m doing this. I’m pretty happy with putting stuff up online at the minute. I guess I’m shy really.

Can you choose your two favourite Ugly Billy tracks and tell us about them.
Well my two finished tracks are My Girlfriend and My Mouth. The are both really about me… and my life., I guess all my songs are. I’m always writing little jingles and stuff. You can see loads of them in my video blog.

Find out more about Billy on his website, and at his myspace site.

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