It’s worth mentioning this one again, I think.  It’s rereleased today and it comes with a nice new video as well.  Great single:

You can buy it here.

Another little snippet of a new song for you.  It’s called “Blues Come Calling” and it’s going to be interesting to see how this one develops.

Video courtesy of Eric Taylor.

Old people who used to watch the satirical comedy show ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News’ hundreds of years ago (me) may remember that they spoofed the idea of the grandiose eighties music video accompanying the limp, underwhelming song. ‘Nice Video, Shame about The Song’ is still very much applicable in 2013 too but in the case of London based Cash + David and their debut single “Funn” they both carry very much equal weight. An arresting visual that includes drag king caricatures of David Bowie and Johnny Cash duelling it out in an empty studio which is set to a razor sharp, liquid cool hybrid of electronics and guitars. The vocals, presumably female, are pitched to confuse like a more accessible Planningtorock, no bad thing, but will Cash + David change identity with each record? If the music maintains the quality and panache demonstrated here, who cares?

Released on March 10 2014.  Available to pre-order on iTunes.

Short and sweet; here’s the first instalment of the Billy Walton Band studio documentary, featuring Mike Finnigan on keyboards.  Fans of the band will probably recognise the song.

Here is the trailer for the film about Michael Jackson’s final few days of preperation for concerts in London – before which he sadly died.

Up until now INME have always divided opinion. The band’s 4th album, “Herald Moth” is a record which reveals a band matured, one who’ve clearly shaken off the early ‘emo’ trappings of their 2003 debut. First single ‘Single Of The Weak’ is a real hybrid of sounds from early ska rhythms to + metal, ‘All Terrain Vehicle’ reveals Dave McPherson’s vocals at the top of his game, and similarly ‘The Art of Moderation’ and ‘Happy to Disappoint You’ reflects his under rating as a guitarist for the more technical progressive side, whilst ‘Nova Armada’ just about encapsulates everything the band is currently about. 

“We wanted to create lots of technical layers with an edge; to heavy, melodic tunes,” opens lead vocal/guitarist Dave McPherson. “With Daydream Anonymous we established a more mature sound and pushed our abilities as musicians. Now we’ve really stepped that up. The new album is darker, more epic and grander than we’ve ever been.”

Here is the video to ‘Single of the Weak’.

InMe are also touring, gig dates below: Read more

The LevellersThe Levellers, known for their passionate and energetic live performances, are taking over the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam this Wednesday. Online-concert-channel Fabchannel will webcast the English rock veterans’ live show for viewing around the world.

The webcasts will start at 19.30 (GMT) here.  The Levellers have two  support acts for their show, which will also be webcasted.  British Folk singer Frank Turner will kick off at 18.15, while Dutch folk-duo Pigmeat, who have announced their farewell tour, will play at 18.45.

A few days after the live show, the entire recording will be included to Fabchannel’s online video archive. So should you somehow miss the live webcasts, you will still be able to watch the shows later on in the archive – as well as many more recorded gigs.

Online-concert-channel released this week an exclusive live video of the Guillemots live set at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. The entire set from the Mercury nominated band is now available for free viewing below or at including the eagerly anticipated new single ‘Kriss Kross/ Clarion’ from the album ‘Red’ (released March 2008).

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Our fave Cassette Electrik release the video for their 28 days EP.  And here it is in all its glory!

28 Days from flippers on Vimeo.